Monday, June 03, 2013

Age 3

One of the things I love most about three is language development. Amaia is quite articulate and can hold a meaningful conversation about many varied topics but at the moment she is finding it hard not to mix up the words 'sandal', 'handle' and 'candle'. All three have become 'candle' in her world so this morning she wanted to go to nursery wearing her 'sparkly, orange candles'. Yesterday she wanted 'to bounce on the big blue space hopper with the two candles you hold onto at the top'. It's very cute. Reminds me vaguely of an episode of Allo Allo that revolved around the candle with the handle in the gâteau in the château...

Just now after nursery - quote of the day, sobbing and pointing at her feet: 'I couldn't run properly today at sports because of these bloody candles'. 'Do you mean muddy sandals, pet?' 'Yes!'

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