Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Picnic table

Thomas and I spent two years eyeing up this picnic table in Makro because it is much sturdier than the one we have and has space for all of us. We knew if we just waited long enough, it would one day make it into their sale.

Last July we were thrilled when finally it came down by 20%. Ready for our bargain we went over and picked it up (just!) in our people carrier, having evicted all the seats and all the passengers. It was sturdy, solid and beautiful, but unfortunately, not equipped for the most torrential winter in Scottish history. Despite the tarp, this is what we uncovered at the end of winter (ie last week!)

Having tried sanding it, but failed to remove the water stains, we decided paint was our only option, so now have a new, beautiful white picnic table. Well, this is the undercoat. Once I've attacked it with outdoor gloss, I'll re-photograph it. But what a bloody job. It took 4 hours and I ended up with so much paint in my hair from lying under it that I couldn't take the hairclip out that I'd puled it back with. Having spent half the afternoon lying under it because it is too heavy to lift, I am dreading coats three and four.

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