Thursday, April 18, 2013

Slow-burning pox


I fear I may have spoken too soon, declaring Amaia's chicken pox to be mild...

Fortunately she is still not distressed, feverish or in any way perturbed, other than by the sight of herself in the mirror. She hasn't even needed calpol, though the piriton is a godsend. But the whole thing is on a much slower burner than Anna... Anna got her first spot around 2pm on 2 April, on 3 April she had more and by 4 April they plateaued. Amaia got her first spot on 12 April, on 13 April she still had only one on her neck, on 15 April in the afternoon she got three on her back and three on her front just below her neck. Yesterday she had a mild dose and today she looks like a walking pizza and her head is so lumpy with those on her scalp, I can no longer brush her hair. So what will tomorrow morning bring? Will it flatline overnight or am I getting up tomorrow to more spots than skin?

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