Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Chicken pox - Day 9

I decided to let Amaia go back to nursery today if she got up on time, and keep her home if she was still exhausted. She is, after all, no longer contagious.

She bounced down at 8-15am and decided she was going. I took her in with half the parents giving us a wide berth and the other half cocking their heads in pity at the sight of her. It will of course be a couple of weeks before we can go out without funny looks, if I remember from Léon's case.

Her teacher had seen the aftermath of chicken pox too often to wince or pity, she simply greeted her return with a smile and a hug seemingly not noticing the state of her face and neck. As I went to sign her in she shouted over to me 'It's so lovely to have her back... and just in time. We're having the annual class photo taken tomorrow morning!'

OMG - talk about diabolical timing! How many of the parents in the group are going to want an 8x10 of the dozen of so kids in the yellow group, the teacher and Mrs Spotty-pizza-face sitting (no doubt) in the front row (given she's the youngest and smallest) for their living room wall? My name is going to be mud! I never understood why professional photographers don't ask if you'd like the photo photoshopped or not?! I'd happily let them tidy up her neck this time!

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