Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Chicken Pock

Saturday at bedtime Charlotte noticed Amaia had one little spot behind her ear. It looked suspiciously watery so I assumed we were getting up to chicken pox on Sunday morning. Amaia was hot and grumpy, bad-tempered and wouldn't eat.

Sunday morning, however, saw her bounce into our room, full of the joys and still with one spot.

So of course on Monday she would have got it? Nope, on Monday morning, there was still only one spot. Had my daughter managed to get the mildest dose of chicken pox in history? Had she got chicken pock, singular???

But, of course, suddenly on Monday afternoon her wee body gave up the fight and a few more appeared. So it looks like she has got chicken pox after all, just not very many.

Watch this space for updates...

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