Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Inside a 5 year old's head

Inside a 5 year old's head is a tiring place to be, I am concluding this evening.

Thomas was out so I had to take the kids to bed. In general Thomas likes to do this to read Danish stories to the kids, but once or twice a month I am on duty. Anna was restless and hyper and not ready to sleep. In the space of ten minutes in the darkness she asked me:

  • Mummy, which bits does your brain control, is it only talking, or breathing and other stuff too?
  • Mummy, what's your blood for?
  • Mummy, if dragons had really existed would they have lived at the same time as the dinosaurs and would they have had to eat coal to keep their fire working?
  • Mummy, why is there air floating about everywhere, could we survive without it?
  • Mummy, if I was bigger than Charlotte when I was born but smaller than Amaia, could I still grow up to be the biggest?
  • Mummy, I love school so much but I want to wear my blue summer dress, why is there no summer this year?
  • Mummy, in Little Bo Peep, who is it who tells her to leave them alone? Is it her mummy, or maybe her older brother?
  • Mummy, why did Jack have a crown on when he went for water?
  • Mummy, why did they forget to put Jack and Jill in my nursery rhyme book?
  • Mummy why is Incy Wincy called Peter in Danish? And do Scottish children know his real name is Peter or should I tell them?
  • Mummy why do English people on the telly sound different to Scottish ones?
Finally I made my escape - god knows how many other questions she mulled over before I found her snoring ten minutes later!

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