Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Three years

Today Thomas and I have been married three years... so I guess you could say we are celebrating our wedding anniversary... except as we were discussing this morning in bed, this doesn't really feel like our wedding anniversary!

By the time we finally married, we had already bought a house together and had our first child together. Nothing changed per se after that day. We didn't even get a honeymoon (still saving!) And we had Thomas's sister and parents staying with us so we didn't get a wedding night either! Life went back to normal a few hours after the wedding!

I think maybe celebrating the day we moved in together (26-9-06) would feel more like a wedding anniversary but of course we couldn't get married back then - someone held up my divorce to the bitter end forcing it only to go through on 7-1-09. No names mentioned!

One thing is sure though - whether either of these dates, (or indeed the date we first went out), is our real anniversary, I definitely struck gold this time round. Every minute is a joy and the calm he generates around me despite the adversities life is currently throwing at our family give me an inner strength daily. A lifetime together will be too short by half.


Hanne in DK said...

First I didn't notice that this was posted last night, and though "wonder how they are counting, it they had 29/2 THREE years ago".

Well, regardless of how you count, congratulations, you both sound very happy :-)

(And Phyl, if you are wondering who I am, just ask Thomas - old friend from uni)

Hanne in DK

Phyl said...

I guess when I wrote it, it was already after midnight in Denmark! I like the idea of more frequent 29 Febs though - My granda was born on 29-2-16 so I found it rather strange as a child that I was older than he was!
(And pleased to meet you, Thomas's old uni friend!)