Sunday, February 19, 2012

New glasses

Léon got new glasses on Friday - his eyesight has improved slightly since last year. He was adamant he should have the same glasses as Anna, but in blue - he just loves blue glasses for some reason. Anna's glasses have been driving me mad since we got them because they didn't give her the thinned down lenses and anti-glare coating that Léon has always had on his as standard. Because Léon's need to be thicker, the optician thins them automatically. Because Anna's lenses are slightly thinner to start with, I would have needed to ask to have them thinned - I'll know that next time. So ironically Anna's glasses look thicker than Léon's and that means the result is that my flash bounces horribly off Anna's in photos but is fine in Léon's. If you have specky kids, never ever forget to order the thinned down, anti-glare glass or every photoshoot just becomes a nightmare of retakes. (Roll on Anna's next appointment!)

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