Friday, February 27, 2009


 Thomas and I Originally uploaded by PhylB
All week we've been trying, fairly unsuccessfully, to explain to Pudge that we are getting married. There are two problems. He doesn't know we aren't married and he doesn't know what married means anyway. From time to time Pudge has heard Thomas say Det er giftigt (that is poisonous) when he's gone to eat something he shouldn't. Today at breakfast Thomas told him again that we're getting married:Vi skal giftes. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I asked, given how worried he looked. It's a bad thing, he said, lip quivering, You might get dead from that you know! Poor wee man. Hopefully he'll enjoy the party tomorrow once he susses Thomas is not intending to kill me.


Trine said...

"Gift er noget man tager, for ikke at blive det."

I hope you'll all have a wonderfull day tomorrow!

Sebastian said...

Forelsket, forlovet, forgiftet?
Verliebt, verlobt, verloren?

Gad vist, hvorfor der er så mange af den slags ;)