Thursday, February 26, 2009


Well just to add to our current woes, the BBC says Saturday is going to be torrential. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised in February, but to be honest, given how nice the weather was on Monday and Tuesday, I had dared to hope for better :-( I guess I should hang about the registry office for ten minutes and take a few photos since any photoshoot at Derek and Amanda's is likely to have drowned rats as its subject, and any photoshoot in the park is likely to be out of the question. Whatever the weather has in store, whatever the job prospects, at least I am assured a fascinating future full of love, tenderness, endless talking, respect, support and mutual nerdiness... I guess that counts most. Looking forward to seeing all those who've emailed (and hopefully more) on Saturday. If we've not finished making the cake by then, we'll nip into Sainsburys garage on Woodlands road and get a packet or two of digestives. I bet none of you has ever been to such an upmarket wedding, huh? ;-) Thomas just told me he plans to sculpt us two out of marzipan for the top of the cake. Now that's got to be worth coming to see, surely?!

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derek said...

Don't want to add to the problems but would you believe that the Sainsbuys on Woodlands road is currently closed for refurb and won't open again til next week!! Best get those digestives in Asda before you come - lol