Wednesday, February 18, 2009


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Well you'll all have heard by now why the international wedding with reception party at the golf club had to be cancelled.
As Thomas says on his own blog, that left us 2 options - wait till we get back on our feet, which could be years, or do something wild and silly, so we have decided to choose the latter. Having discussed the options last Thursday after the work bombshell, we came to the conclusion we ought to have the wedding now and the reception one day in the hopefully not too distant future (or at the very least, before we die!)
So the plan is to get married a week on Saturday (28-02-09) at 2pm at the registry office in Park Circus. The rest depends a bit on our family, friends, and blog-readers. After the ceremony at 2-30 we will have champagne, or probably cava given our current budget, and a homemade (by Charlotte and Thomas) wedding cake - I am informed it is to be a kransekage (whatever that is) at my brother and sister-in-law's house just opposite the registry office.
Given we haven't time to send out invites, this is it - anyone we know with a spare hour or two on Saturday is formally invited for a slice of cake and a glass of something. The 10 spare seats in the registry office are on a first come first served basis, thereafter you're waiting outside for the cake and bubbly! We'd love to see you there to turn a depressing fortnight into a happier celebration.
More interesting than witnessing our wedding or even sampling the cake, rumour has it my biggest daughter has promised Pumpa she will remove her black jeans in favour of a dress for the first time in 4 years. Come on - those who know her know that is worth a photo in itself!
Looking forward to seeing you all!
(If you think you can make it, send us a wee email ( so we know how much bubbly to get in. I promise we won't hold you to it!)

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Julie Kennedy said...

Congratulations to you both!xxx