Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Thomas bought a kitchen blind on the Internet last week.
Of course I went out for ten minutes on Thursday to do the school run at 3pm and came back to a card saying City Link had been. Given the card had a little box on the back ticked saying Mon-Fri we will deliver again tomorrow, I didn't think another thing about it.
Friday of course, they came during the school run too. Again the same wee card was left with the same box ticked.
Yesterday, no card, no delivery. That's odd, I'd better ring them.
I ring the number on the card (which tells me my local depot is Cambuslang). I get a ten minute automated service supposedly arranging my delivery and when I get to the last step it simply gives me a direct line number for Cambuslang! Wonderful.
I ring Cambuslang and get someone who sounds very Indian but is claiming to be Jane. Am I on to Cambuslang or Calcutta?? Whatever... Jane asks what my problem is. I tell her nicely that I have a card dated Friday saying it'd be delivered again Monday and no sign of them. Oh but that was the second time they tried to deliver it. Yes, I know but what relevance has that given the wee card says Mon-Fri we will deliver again tomorrow? Well we only deliver twice then we return things to the sender. Twice is more than reasonable... Well point one - twice during the week at 3pm suits very few people, point two - the card doesn't say come and get it or we'll send it back, it says Mon-Fri we will deliver again tomorrow. Oh the driver must have ticked the wrong box, then. Yes, maybe but given that is not my fault will you bring it Thursday please as I am busy tomorrow with guests who are flying in from abroad, I asked. Sorry, it's being returned to the supplier tomorrow because you didn't pick it up on time. I was getting annoyed by then. I would have considered the trip to Cambuslang on Saturday if the card had said pick this up now or we'll send it back. Today however I have a whole house to tidy for guests, 3 school runs, an ASDA trip and 2 kids to deal with so no I am not coming to Cambuslang. I suggested given it was their error, they put a wee sticker on it saying deliver Thursday, do not send back. Oh I can't do that, she said, it's the computer that sends it back. Why do people put up with this shite? An hour later I had given up on Jane and tracked down the web company and had managed to convince them to ring Jane and tell her computer not to send it back but to bring me it Thursday instead. I guess I'd better invite my parents for coffee at 3pm. If there is any chance it shows up, you can be sure it'll be at 3pm!


The Scudder said...

So that'll be coffee ( and a scone ? ) Thurs. 3pm then :)

derek said...

You should try finding the depot in Cambuslang - it is the most ridiculous place i have ever been to collect a parcel. Not even sat nav can find it!

Harry Campbell said...

"someone who sounds very Indian but is claiming to be Jane"

Someone claiming to be a Jain maybe? Perhaps you spent the whole conversation addressing her by the name of her religion? "Well it's like this Mrs O'Lick -- or can I call you Cath?"