Friday, February 06, 2009


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I'm still a bit stressed about this whole wedding thing. Only having family risks turning into a damp squib of a day... not that I have a problem with our families - of course not, but as I said before it'd feel like Boxing Day and make (what will hopefully be Thomas's only wedding day) a bit underwhelming. Then we thought of choosing 7 or 8 friends each to add to that but firstly even that is expensive - 20 family plus 15 friends plus possibly 15 partners, various offspring etc. This appeals more but isn't particularly wise in this economic climate. You don't want to book a wedding and then find you can't pay for it when it comes round because everyone has lost their job or whatever. Also by the time you get to my age choosing just 7 or 8 out of 50 friends is depressing and divisive.
Then it came to me in my dream last night. How about the ultimate nerd wedding? You don't send invites. You leave an open invitation on your blog and those who read it come along. Not only do you find out that way who reads you, you have a fun surprise day... (and you probably get to meet some new complete weirdos you've never seen before!) And as for the meal - you just have a big picnic somewhere.

Although it could turn out that no one reads it and we'd be standing there alone - hahahaha.


Thomas Widmann said...
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Thomas Widmann said...
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Thomas Widmann said...

Aren't you afraid it'll end like this?

peter said...

I read your blog and I'd come to the wedding. Give me plenty of notice tho, to save up for a trip half way round the world!

Sebastian said...

Hm, I kunne vel holde det som sammenskudsgilde: alle tager mad med til eget forbrug, men stiller alt på et fælles bord, og ingen gaver - så er det ikke så dyrt.

The Scudder said...

Didn't mother mention ???
You & T have your house, complete with all the stuff you need /would receive as wedding pressies ,,, so ,,,
Invite ALL your desired guests but tell them you don't want/need pressies ,, just contribute CASH ,, and that'll pay for your big day ,, more or less ?
Not an unreasonable way to go about it, is it ??? They would all be buying you something anyway so ,,,why not ,,, Feel them out via blog/facebook/email first if you don't believe me fact most will be happier this way ,, save them the time & effort trawling the shops thinking & looking ??
Now should I tell Elaine 100 guests ??