Friday, February 20, 2009


I forgot to mention wedding presents in my previous hurried wedding blog.
Given the short notice of the wedding, we aren't expecting any presents. We'd rather keep that issue together the Golf club reception later in the year/decade.
That makes it simpler for everyone! All we're looking for on the big day is your smiling faces - you know I'll be there with my camera, as always. It wouldn't be my wedding if I didn't take my own photos, would it?!


The Scudder said...

Oh, my photography talents aren't good enough any more then ?
Huh !
Nevertheless I'll be there with my trusty Nikon DSLR ,, and my little Panasonic camcorder ,..,
Just try stopping me !!

Phyl said...

The more (photographers), the merrier! Obviously it'll be easier if you take some shots with me in or we'll end up with no wedding photos including me!