Thursday, February 05, 2009


Monday was great. It snowed soft fluffy snow. The kids had fun in the snow during their school breaks.
Now, here's where I start the ranting... It has been dry and cold all week, not snowing heavily during school hours, not raining. There is still snow on the ground of course, and a bit of ice: Monday's snow froze, Tuesday we got some more, then last night again so we have several layers of ice and snow out there. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday I pick my kids up from school expecting them to be like doggies with two tails and they come out looking subdued. The school of course in this everyone-sues-everyone age has kept the poor buggers indoors the whole day, in their classrooms rather than letting them run around the icy playground throwing snowballs. They are frightened someone gets hurt on the ice now it has frozen over, Charlotte says sadly.
When are we going to get the balance right? Childhood is about running about on the snow and the ice. If one kid in the school slips and breaks an arm every 24 months, so be it. If it is my kid, I am not going to sue anyone. I want my kids to have the freedoms I had as a kid, running about like mad things, whooping with joy, not sitting baking in a warm class for fear of the council being sued. When I was a kid there wasn't a month went by without some child wandering about school with its arm in plaster. Invariably, the accident had happened in school. We even envied them getting out of gym or written homework. No one sued anyone. Nowadays it's just pathetic!

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The Scudder said...

And whose generation has changed everything ? ,,and it's not only the playtime,, the teaching standards are also shite nowadays as far as I can see,,
My generation had it pretty well right I think ! ,.,. at least we all came out the other end able to R R & R ,.., rest my case.