Monday, February 23, 2009


I was reading this on the BBC yesterday. I found it interesting that the correspondent found the noise off-putting at times. When I finally landed in my beloved Manhattan after years of longing to go, the two things I found surprising, because they had not been obvious from seeing Manhattan on TV, were the noise and the smell. He's right, you can hardly hear yourself think for the noises of talking and traffic and everything else - it is wonderful! It is so alive, it is jumping. You couldn't have paid me enough to use earplugs! The noise made me want to skip with joy! And the smell was mouth-watering. At ever corner I encountered another new and delicious smell as someone cooked something you could buy for next to nothing. I just loved everything about it! I felt I'd come home. If I had all the money and job security in the world, I'd be flying there on Saturday to get married.

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The Scudder said...

I absolutely agree ,,,
You just described NYC exactly as I found it when we went ,,and if I could afford it I'd happily take you there Sat. to get married .,., Maybe you can do it there again later ??
If I win the Lotto it's a date OK ?