Friday, February 27, 2009


Ok, I'm a bit stressed today but these buggers have annoyed me.
I have this ridiculous green sack I am meant to fit 4 weeks of plastic in - I'd need to melt it down to fit it in there for God's sake - there are 6 of us! It doesn't even fit our milk bottles for a week. Of course I can't fit it in the black bin either. It is too small for 6. So I come up with this great idea. I fill an extra box and I put it out beside my plastic this morning. It visibly contains only plastic. It should help East Ren meet their recycling quotas and I have nowhere else to put it anyway. The idiots turn up, empty my 2 blue bins, my 2 paper sacks, my normal bin and my green bag and leave the box of plastic untouched. I am left wondering if they are too lazy to empty it or simply too stupid to work out what to do with a pile of plastic which isn't bagged in the correct colour.

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The Scudder said...

That'll be too STUPID of course .. otherwise why would they be working for the Cooncil ?