Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Léon is sick once again. That poor baby has been through the wars - this time it is a chest and ear infection. So he's sitting wailing on my knee once again. This society has its priorities all wrong. I took a holiday yesterday because he was immobile, burning up and needed to see a doctor. Today, however, I had to finish off a schedule for next year's budget at work. Having no one free to babysit today with André away, mum already babysitting Pudge's cousin and dad out, that meant sick Léon had to take ibuprofen and go wail at nursery. Obviously with 20+ days of holiday left to take before March, staying off to babysit should in theory be no problem but companies have now stretched themselves so thin that people are expected to come in whether or not they or their kids are dying. The net result is nurseries and schools are full of miserable, sick kids infecting each other in a never ending loop. And stressed parents in a loop of worry about their kids, their job security, their kids, their job security... When did common sense go out the window? Wouldn't everyone be happier if we all started to prioritise what really is important in life again?

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