Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Léon put something he shouldn't have in his mouth yesterday, a piece of plastic, so I stuck my finger in to fish it out and met more than I had bargained for. Firstly I hit a huge molar on the bottom left of his jaw. It is so far through it must have been there for 10 days minimum, so how on earth didn't I notice it when I was brushing his teeth? It nearly took my finger off, possibly because it was grinding against an equally large top molar. Amazing! What sort of mother doesn't notice her kid is teething? So just before dragging out the piece of plastic I thought I had better check the other side. Yes - two there too, completely through. Léon has a full set of 4 molars and got through it all without the slightest hint of a grump. Clever boy, hopeless mother!

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