Wednesday, December 13, 2006


It must be something about a 3rd kid. Whereas the first one was still on the bland mince and potatoes at 14 months, the 3rd one is acting like a grown-up. Tonight for dinner Pudge downed one poppadom, followed by one tandoori chicken wing, one piece of vegetable pakora, one side plate of chicken korma curry and boiled rice, followed by a second side plate of korma curry again with rice, followed by a third side plate of lamb bhuna also with rice. After that he only had room for half a glass of orange juice and one scoop of vanilla ice cream, but he refused the after eight mint! And this wasn't bland home-made baby curry - this was proper Indian restaurant curry! I don't think I can afford to keep feeding him at this rate - he'll need to get a job as soon as he can walk a wee bit better!

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