Wednesday, December 13, 2006


And now for a rant: what is it about people and their attitudes towards dead brollies?? The weather in Scotland has now been atrocious for about a week (well actually for several years but we'll not go there). We have puddles up to our armpits and worse still the wind accompanying this is of that amazing Scottish sidey-ways variety. To be honest, I haven't a clue why people persevere with brollies at all in such weather. There is no way an umbrella made of anything man has discovered so far can deal with Scottish weather. Consequently most brollies blow inside out within 5 minutes and are left as a twisted piled of material-less metal spokes within 10. But what baffles me even more than the use of the brollies in such weather is the way they are disposed of. You see people seem to think it is ok just to throw them on the pavement, possibly in disgust, once they blow inside out. This evening I passed two on one block of Cambridge street and another 3 in Rose street - 5 brollies in less than 2 minutes. Why do people think throwing a dead brolly on the pavement is acceptable when the same people possibly would think twice about throwing away any other form of rubbish: a bottle, a plastic bag or a newspaper? I find this sort of littering quite infuriating. This is the centre of Glasgow - there are bins everywhere - can't these lazy gits walk ten more steps even in the rain and put the broken umbrella in a bin instead?

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