Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Reading through the BBC online magazine today, I came across an article on babies' names. It is so true that you can usually tell a person's age by their name in this country. For example most Jacquelines tends to be in their early 40s as it was popularized by Jackie Kennedy. Then people born late 60s (other than me, of course) are called Karen, Linda or Gillian, by early 70s that had moved on to Sharon or Tracy and so on. Marcel's peers all seem to be called Adam, Ryan, Cara or Katie and so on. Charlotte's surrounded by Archies and other what I would consider old people names. Last year when checking the Scottish birth records, I noticed there was only one Léon-Olivier registered in Scotland and equally unique there was also only one Sharon - that made me smile given I have spent most of my life knee-deep in Shazzis! Funny how no matter how many of the really old Maisies and Mollies and the likes come round Phyllis always seems to be overlooked! I guess I am destined to remain unique unless the likes of Eastenders introduces a youngish Phyllis character - I know it did wonders for the Alfies and Rubies of this decade's nursery classes!


Thomas Widmann said...

How and where did you check the birth records?

The Scudder said...

But don't you just love being UNIQUE ? I mean it could have been worse ,, You might have been ANNICK rather than unique !!