Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I was driving home from work the other day listening to radio 2. Now up till a few months ago I listened mainly to radio 4 or radio Scotland for the book programme, or politics or whatever, so to find myself tuned into radio 2 shocked me in itself - oh my god I chose to put on radio 2 - that's what middle-aged parents listen to, not young people like me :-\ Oh shit, I am getting old!!! Worse still they were playing Gary Numan on radio 2. If Gary's made it onto radio 2, I really am old! When I was a teenager clinging on to my beloved ABBA, my more daring contemporaries were turning to punk and the likes of Gary Numan but now Gary's so tame he's on radio 2! Where does life go in such a hurry? I must ring my old schoolmate Fiona Campbell (who wanted to marry Gary when she was 14!) and tell her they're playing Gary on radio 2, she'll be devastated! He was definitely a radio 1 guy in my day. Anyway Pudge didn't seem to mind, he was positively boogying out his seat to 'Are friends electric?' I must download him it for Xmas.

Oh...and while I may put up with Jeremy Vine or Steve Wright, I will certainly never be turning on radio 2 when that plonker (the politest term I could think of) Wogan is on.

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