Sunday, December 17, 2006


Another rant I am afraid: Why do people go out Xmas shopping without their brains?
There's a fairly handy wee car park in Garnethill behind St Aloysius church. It isn't very big and is only open on weekends but still it is handy. There is enough room for four rows of cars - obviously two then a gap then another two. So I left my car there today.
The big kids, Marcel and Charlotte were having a sleepover with my brother and his wife and I was to pick them up at 3ish. After 3 hours wandering round town, I decided to pick up my car and drive the 5-10 minutes to their house.
Into the church car park we went. There was a Toyota parked in front of my car and a Ford on either I went to get into it I noticed the was also a bloody Ford parked at the back of it! Huh? Two rows, a GAP then two rows - not 3 rows of cars with mine stuck in middle! How stupid do you have to be to see two rows of cars and then park yours bumper to bumper at the back??? HOW BLOODY NUMPTY IS THAT? I had a great desire to leave a note full of expletives on their windscreen but was worried I'd return to smashed windows or flat tyres, so I wrote a slightly exasperated note asking exactly how I was meant to levitate over their car and complaining I now had to take a taxi to pick up my kids and then back to pick up my car. Of course we then had to walk to Derek's and back with all the kids and their belongings - a 50 minute round trip on foot I really could have done without after 3 hours in town!
Funnier still, 2 hours later I went round to see if I could retrieve my car - no luck - the Fords and the Toyota were still there - and amazingly the car I had left the nasty note on itself couldn't move as a fourth car had now boxed it in! Give me strength! Are they handing out driving licences to lobotomy patients these days??? (Finally escaped the church at 6pm, a full 3 hours late - won't be parking there in a hurry again!)

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