Monday, December 11, 2006


While shopping on Saturday I found something I had never seen in my life seen before named a 'pikelet'. I absolutely adore crumpets with butter and rolled up, pancakes are an acceptable second when ASDA is out of crumpets so when it was out of both on Saturday, I surely could be forgiven for assuming a pikelet belonged to the same delicious family, given how it looks. How WRONG can a person be? Pikelets are possibly the most vile little impostors you are ever likely to encounter on your supermarket shelf. Doughy, sugarless, chewy lumps of washing-up liquid to be precise.


Sebastian said...

Oh. Shouldn't you make the pancakes yourself? Or ask Thomas to make some for you. Alternatively try the Hungarian "rutsje-pandekager".

Phyl said...

I'd love to have enough time in my life to stop and make a pancake - maybe once my kids grow up and leave home? :-(

Thomas Widmann said...

Have you noticed that Wikipedia knows two senses of pikelet? (1) In Australia, New Zealand, and the English midlands and northwest, a small, thick colonial-style pancake, known in parts of Britain as a drop-scone or Scotch pancake. (2) A British regional dialect word variously denoting a flatter variant on crumpet, a standard crumpet or muffin. It's clearly sense (2) we encountered.