Friday, July 19, 2013

Happy gardener :-)

The first summer we moved to this house Thomas grew so many courgettes the kids began to wail at the sight of them. (I've since developed a soup recipe that uses them up for the kids). I was happy because I am a big fan of courgettes. I therefore made plans for my subsequent harvests. Summer of '09, '10, '11 and '12 saw a dismal yield of less than four courgettes in total. We tried the garden, the greenhouse but never managed to duplicate that first year. I was so hacked off with the Scottish climate dissolving my bloody courgettes that I had given up hope, but this year we seem to be on to a winner once again. There hasn't been so much rain they've disintegrated, it hasn't been so dull they haven't grown. We have conventional ones, round Tuscan ones, long yellow ones. We even have enough courgette flowers that we can sauté those! It is so exciting! If only every year was like this!

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