Sunday, July 14, 2013


I've been a Flickr member now for more than seven years, storing in excess of 48000 photos on their site. In general, I have been very happy with my flickr membership. However, a few months ago they changed their interface and on the surface it looks more modern. It now gives a collage of photos rather than just a page displaying each one boringly as before. I quite liked it at first but then I started trying to actually use it... Now it is driving me nutty.

Because they load every photo rather than giving you thumbnails when you click on a set or photostream, you waste inordinate amounts of time looking for anything and I sometimes find myself giving up and just looking elsewhere - through my home archives and the likes. I am now considering trying to migrate my thousands of photos elsewhere just so I can start accessing them again. I defintely think they need to introduce a speedier version or a classic view or a thumbnail search if they aren't going to lose a number of trusty users.

In the meantime, I am away to testdrive Picasa. I didn't like it seven years ago but maybe it has impoved.

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