Friday, July 19, 2013

Me and my guys

No one ever tells you at 18 that 45 year olds don't actually feel old! Nor do they point out that 45 year olds don't actually feel much different to how they felt at 18, because, after all, 18 was just yesterday, a blink ago. Of course, I have to hold my phone further from my eyes to be able to read it and when I catch my reflection in a full-length mirror I find it hard to recognize myself because my inner self has not caught up with my outer one yet! Deep down I am still the teenager who spent my carefree years Interrailing round Europe alone, freaking out my parents!

It is therefore with an almost daily sense of surprise that I find myself walking around in this large group of people, all created by me and calling me mum! I almost find myself looking over my shoulder to see who they are addressing as that - it couldn't be little me, could it? But somehow it is! It is a great privilege.

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