Monday, July 29, 2013


We were supposed to be taking the kids to see Monsters' University today at the Odeon. As a family we have probably only been to the cinema once, that I can remember - years ago - possibly before Amaia was born.

So I brought up the online cinema price to book - there was a surcharge for booking before you arrived, but even if you bought your tickets in the cinema and went in without so much as a jellybean, never mind popcorn, they want £49-70 for one showing for our family. A family, you see, is apparently two adults with two children, extra kids pay an extra £6-90 and bringing teenagers costs £7-60 (each). Over and over I find large families are priced out of all pastimes that modern kids take for granted.

So it looks like we'll be waiting, as always, till the DVD comes out at Xmas. Sigh!

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