Monday, July 01, 2013

Memories of childhood

I never knew my granny. She died the week I was born (hence my strangely unfashionable name - in case you'd ever wondered!) Had she died a week later, I would have spent the last 45 years as Linda Buchanan, but that's another story... After Phyllis died, my Granda who was only 51 got in tow with a strange little woman named Greta. She often wore a wig, usually back to front and although this is the only photo I have of her, she was not at all the jolly person she appears to be in it. She was a bit snooty, rather condescending. She was in your face and somewhat nauseating with it! She'd never had any kids, so had no idea how to talk to Derek and I. Derek used to make a point of wiping off her kisses whenever she was round. I don't think anyone in the family was a fan. As a teenager I even remember sneaking out the front door of my parents' house and running for cover once when I heard them drive into our driveway! My parents were out and I was certainly not going to entertain that woman by myself! Anyway she had one and only one redeeming feature. She used to brew her own ginger wine. I think it was because the good lord might strike you down if you drank real alcohol, but whatever the reason, our annual Xmas visit was bearable because of the ginger wine.

Recently Thomas has expanded from beer-brewing to making cider and wine too. While on the brewers' website he came across this and ordered it just to see what it was. It makes ginger wine, exactly the same as Greta used to. Delicious and now without the Greta-factor into the bargain! Superb!

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