Sunday, July 14, 2013


Charlotte is a complex person. She comes across as shy and indecisive, quiet and introvert but behind the soft exterior are nerves of steel.

It is exactly one week short of a year since she decided (completely unprompted by me or anyone else I hasten to add) to remove her father from her life. She cited the fact that they didn't get on and he had a tendency to treat her as if she was a mini-me. He assumed she'd instantly regret her decision and come crawling back, but he hadn't understood her at all. It seems she spent more than a year analysing the idea in her head and once she took her decision, it was completely irreversible in her mind. She has never been happier. She radiates calm and happiness and has done since that day. She's no longer tense and moody, instead she's become calm, witty, loving. Her every minute is spent enjoying her younger siblings, Amaia in particular from whom she is inseparable. She made absolutely the right decision for her and it is clear in every way.

Today she surprised me again. We were in town. The weather was beautiful and there was a holiday atmosphere around the street cafés. Suddenly, unprompted once again, she asked me: "Take a photo of me in front of the Buchanan Street sign for when I change my name!" And then she grabbed Léon playfully and added: "And you might as well be in it too 'cause yours needs changed as well!" I am so proud of my strong little girl.

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