Saturday, November 10, 2012

Making Trifle

There's something cute about foreigners attempting to recreate a well-known dish. 

Yesterday Thomas decided to recreate trifle using his knowledge of how it tastes! That doesn't sound too difficult, but a few problems arose. Firstly he chose a large, shallow, flat dish so when he put in the lady fingers he covered the entire bottom so used about three times as many as I would recommend. That of course meant that as soon as he poured on the unset jelly, the extra lady fingers sucked it all up instantly and you couldn't actually see there was any jelly at all! Next, because raspberries had been too expensive he sliced a banana on top of the jelly but given there was no more jelly the slices just sat there on top of the soggy fingers, turning brown. In an attempt to save the banana's colour, he poured on custard straight away, but not thick, set homemade stuff, runny custard from a box which did at least manage to save the bananas. Given the jelly still hadn't set, it managed somehow to draw a little of the jelly back out of the fingers causing a strange pink and yellow marbling in the dish. An hour later, he whipped some cream and grated on some chocolate and the final dessert looked and tasted nice, and even vaguely trifley but I think it did come across as a rather foreign trifle!

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