Friday, November 30, 2012

A school tie idea

To celebrate the school's fiftieth birthday last year they decided to run a competition amongst the kids to design a new school tie and blazer badge to replace the old one. Pale blue and navy was eventually replaced by navy with four bright stripes in red, yellow, green and royal blue. The existing pupils were given new ties as a gift but any new kids, ie Anna had to buy a new one from the school office at a cost of about a fiver I seem to recall. Recently while Xmas shopping on ebay I noticed, because Léon had put it on his wish list, that you could buy a proper Harry Potter Gryffindor tie for just £3-49. If only I had discovered it earlier I could have suggested to the parent council that voting to bring in Harry Potter ties was actually a cheaper option than having new school ones made - how popular a mum would that have made me?!

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