Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why so headstrong?

Little girls are so much more determined, headstrong and stubborn than little boys in my experience. Apart from my nephew(!), I have never met a little boy who would question what you wanted to dress him in (before about 8), what seat he should use in the car and so on.

Yesterday Amaia turned two, (not six, two). Today I took her out to the car. Currently she uses the chair Léon is pictured in here (at one month short of three). I put her down, she made her body rigid, screamed, twisted, flailed and generally looked vaguely similar to the Tasmanian devil of the old cartoons, until I calmed her down enough to be able to ask what was wrong with her. She pointed at Anna's seat (one of those age 1-6 seats).
I tried again to get her into her seat but there was no way to physically sit her down. I put her down for a minute to catch my breath after the battle. She leapt into Anna's seat and sat smugly quiet. I guess all that birthday fuss has made her believe she had moved up an age bracket, somehow.

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