Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Big Brother

I know it'll do nothing (or perhaps everything?!) for my street cred but I have to admit that until last week I had never seen Big Brother. I have no interest in what Class E celebs get up to when locked up in a large plastic Wendy House but we only have one TV and I happened to be working in that room when the teenagers stuck it on one night last week. I won't give you a two page rant about how appalling the experience was - I will simply leave that at 'life's too short...' but I was taken aback by one thing, maybe I am getting old...

Two young women (twin American Barbie dolls) and an older (perhaps 30 year old) Nicola somebody have been discussing plastic surgery and Botox the twice I have been present. They talk about it in such a nonchalant fashion, you'd think they were talking about the most natural thing in the world for girls that age - like going out clothes shopping or the likes. One was suggesting which cup size the other should get next time, swapping their current implants in the way I would have talked about swapping a dress that didn't fit me at that age. Maybe I'm an old fool but what kind of message is this giving young women? You need plastic boobs and Botox before 30? I am completely appalled.

I hope I will somehow, despite the media, manage to instil in my daughters a self-belief that will allow them at twenty to look in the mirror and see that they are truly beautiful, the way I made them.

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