Saturday, January 14, 2012

London English

I thought I blogged this at the time, but apparently I forgot... Given I don't want you missing out on the most outrageous typo I have come across to date (when you are in my business, you can't help but proof-read everything you see when you are out and about and in the twenty or more years I have been mentally correcting the local restaurant's misplaced apostrophes, this stands in a league of its own, I'm sure you'll agree!) I found it in an ethnic supermarket in a run-down area not far from Greenwich a couple of years ago. Marcel was speechless when I pointed it out to him! I'm so pleased I had my camera on me as I was on my way into London sightseeing with the kids!

Come to think of it, maybe that's what went wrong with last night's satay sauce... I used coconut milk instead of this variety!



Thomas Widmann said...

It reminds me a wee bit of Anna's cunt juice (baby speak for blackcurrant juice, if I remember correctly). :-)

Phyl said...

And Gordy's 'cunt-licks' for cufflinks!