Wednesday, January 11, 2012

10 mins old

Two years ago my big baby was born. At nearly a whole kilo heavier than any of my other kids, I expected Amaia to be a huge girl but she's grown up to be a strangely dainty little thing and there are no longer any signs she was nearly a ten pounder (4.5kg).

I remember walking with her to my bed just after she was born looking at all the other tiny little babies in the ward who were older by hours or days but who looked a month younger! But I felt smugly proud I had defied all the scare stories I had been given about how I would need an emergency caesarean because she would become wedged in my pelvis. I stuck to my guns and had her naturally, and drug-free in just three hours, while the medical staff ran about in a panic about how to help deliver her!

She is our special little Bopster.

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