Saturday, January 14, 2012

Satay sauce

Thomas made a wonderful satay sauce last month using his Thai Beautiful cookbook. Tonight he was working late, so I thought I'd surprise him by rustling up the same. How hard could it be given it only contained a few ingredients: peanuts, red Thai curry paste, fish sauce, coconut milk and sugar? Mix together and simmer for fifteen minutes - piece of cake and a perfect send off on our post-Xmas diet (starting tomorrow). His sauce had been so good that I kept the leftovers in the fridge for days just to dip a finger in whenever I passed by, and I'm not generally a snacker!

So I followed the instructions and instead of a slightly oily, divine dipping sauce, managed to create a vaguely fusty-tasting, solid mass of nutty wallpaper paste that was so thick and so awful I ended up throwing it out!

Of course I am now regretting that decision, having since remembered we intended to work on repairing the post-Bawbag fence tomorrow and the satay sauce would potentially have made wonderful fence-post cement.

I have learnt a valuable lesson - just because Thomas makes cooking look easy, it doesn't mean it is easy. So the moral of the story is definitely - leave the cooking to him in future!

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