Saturday, June 13, 2009


I was in Chinatown in Garnethill today getting some shopping. Being in the Chinese supermarket reminded me about another rant. How do Schwartz get away with selling people 3 spoonfuls of spice in a jar for extortionate prices in all our supermarkets? Why would any sane human being buy these pitiful little jars when any Chinese or Indian supermarket in town will sell you a bag of the same spices at approximately 10% of the price? You can get 2kg of paprika in Chinatown for £1.55. You can get about 3kg of dried chilis for less than £2 too - Schwartz want £2 for one of these little jars that will barely do you one meal. Maybe I just use more herbs or spices than most but with sell-by/use-by dates 2 and 3 years down the line, I really don't see why more people don't source their spices elsewhere. (Oh and soy sauce is also about 30% ASDA price, while I'm on the subject).

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