Friday, June 05, 2009


I've never found the big age gap between Marcel and the two little ones (8 & 10 years respectively) a particular problem. He loves them both to bits and they worship the ground he walks on. Today however, I had my first problem with it. Léon is used to listening to how his brother views the world and I'm not altogether sure that fits in with the cute 3 year old image... Léon was swinging on our iron garden gate while Marcel was sitting in his bedroom listening to some rap music with the window open. MARCEL, MARCEL!!!!, shouted Léon, as a group of high school girls (of about 13) walked by in their tight skirts and straightened blonde hair. Check out how HOT these girls are, he shouted to his big brother proudly, as the girls walked past giggling. Thanks Léon! grinned Marcel from the window. Yeah - thanks indeed Marcel!


The Scudder said...

OOops !
Next thing you know he'll be wanting a mobile phone !! :)

The Scudder said...
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Sebastian said...

Hmm, man er vist nødt til at tænke alvorligt over, hvem der fungerer som rollemodeller her ,) Godt mine børn er nærmest lige gamle.