Sunday, June 14, 2009


 Yummy ketchup Originally uploaded by PhylB
I am beginning to feel like a freak. Everyone in my house loves ketchup and I just can't abide the stuff. I can think of absolutely nothing that's flavour could in any way be enhanced by adding sugary tomato purée. At first the philistines reserved it for chips. Then at some point fried rice with bacon bits started inheriting the sickly stuff. (Believe me, when you don't like the putrid gloop, the smell is much more overwhelming when you are surrounded by 5 people dousing their dinner in it). As if to torment me, Thomas started offering it to Anna on chips and rice before the poor kid could say no, and much to my digust, she liked it so much she started pointing at it on the table and squeaking until it was profferred. But tomorrow I have resolved to hide it at the back of a dark cupboard... Why? The sight of Anna eating a bowl of cornflakes this morning, suddenly spying the ketchup bottle on the table, pointing and squeaking was just too much for my stomach to take. It has to stop somewhere, NOW!

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