Monday, June 22, 2009


I hear were all to get EU driving licences from 2013. Sounds fine to me given how often I hire cars in Europe and how annoying that ridiculous piece of paper the UK currently insists on us carrying along with our credit card licence is. Foreign car hire places almost always look harassed when confronted by this crazy halfway measure of a credit card that the info isn't stored on coupled with an old-fashioned printout with the info (that anyone with a home printer could copy themselves!) I wonder however if they are going to make the driving test in all countries the same to go with the issuing of the same licence. That would be an interesting one, given the huge national differences in the test itself! I guess whichever state has the easiest/cheapest test will see a huge surge in driving tourists from then. But of course, as always the Brits will have to contend with the disadvantage of having learnt on the wrong side of the road as usual. Why didn't we swap when we still could have?


The Scudder said...

What d'you mean .,., when we still could have .,.,I think it would show great committment to our Euro partners if we changed NOW !
And why ever not ??
It's just changing a few road signs & stuff ,,others have done it .,.,and it would probably help by giving us all another wee learning spell :)

Phyl said...

Bring it on!

Thomas Widmann said...

Is it just a question of changing a few road signs, or are there lots of roads that have been physically built for driving on the left? I mean, would on-ramps, off-ramps and such things be in the right shape and place after swapping?