Friday, June 12, 2009


 Anna's got a big seat now Originally uploaded by PhylB
If this is indeed true, it is interesting that in my 12 years of parenting I have never seen a single rear facing seat aimed at the over 9kg range in a shop in the UK. Of course, you could buy one on the Internet but you then couldn't try it first to see if it fits in your car, given seatbelt length is often an issue. Also if you have a bench-type seat, rather than individual seats in the back of your car, it might not fit in along with other seats you already have in there for older kids. Is it the UK lagging behind as ever?


Trine said...

I haven't seen a rear facing seat for the over 9 kilo kids in Denmark. We bought a seat that turns for Ellen. That way you turn the seat so you can place the kid comfortably and turn the seat back again. Very practical given my stupid joints. We bought it in Germany and payed only 60% of the Danish price.

The Scudder said...

You'd have the we'an thinking it was living in a backward world !