Wednesday, June 10, 2009


 Lots in our new bedroom Originally uploaded by PhylB
This is our bed. There are many things I hate about our bed. The frame is IKEA but the mattress is a UK one so there's a 5cm gulf all around the mattress where the bed slips and slides and gathers dust and crumbs. Then there is the iron headboard. The width between the vertical bars isn't enough for one's back, so reading sitting up is painful and annoying. It squeaks and shakes and generally is not really sturdy enough for the number of people who often end up hugging in it. Mum and Dad offered to buy us a new bed as a wedding present, which will be nice if we ever get round to looking. One problem we (un)fortunately won't be having with any new bed is this! You've got to laugh, no?

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