Sunday, September 09, 2007


Why does the government, and the Tories for that matter (witness last week's voluntary 6 week national service nonsense), come out with such shite at times? It's like they don't think things through.
My first question has to be why after 29 weeks? When everything is well-formed and ready to go, rather than the first trimester when the brain etc is being formed.
My second question is that if this money is not means-tested then are government officials going to take the poorer amongst us hand and hand to the supermarket to check we buy vegetables and not chips? Or maybe they are going to be forced subsequently to offer us this money in ASDA or TESCO vouchers , causing a national supermarket war rather than money into our accounts as suggested so we spend it carefully? I guess that will mean those who live in families are meant to buy mum-to-be nice food but the rest of the family the cheap stuff? Let's face it, if you are a silly pregnant 16 year old and you receive a £200 ASDA voucher, will you spend it in the food department on asparagus and salmon, or are you indeed more likely to wander over to the baby and clothes bit and pick your baby out some cute clothes, and accessories? Or worse still wander over to the cigarette counter and buy more of what will cause a premature and light-weight birth in the first place?
And of course my final question to the government also has to be - given that I have had 4 babies under the Labour regime, why are they introducing this 18 months too late for me to squander the notes on anything close to my heart, food or clothes-wise? :-(

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