Monday, September 10, 2007


While I'm in a ranting mood, I might as well have a few more moans...When I had Marcel and Charlotte 29 months apart, I first thought I would need a double buggy so I bought one of those telescopic side by side buggies complete with rain cover that cost an arm and a leg. Of course, I hadn't foreseen it was wider than most shop doors, so took to wearing Charlotte and pushing the buggy containing Marcel, which worked but didn't do wonders for my newly post-natal back. I next looked at tandem buggies but they folded up so clumsily that they didn't fit in my car! Eventually, a few months in, I settled on a buggy board (left). Marcel rode on that while Lots sat in the buggy and although it meant overstretching my arms, it did seem to be a nice compromise. But the one thing that pissed me off then and is pissing me off again now I am trying to find a new buggy board so Pudge can ride on Bart's back is the price. To me the main piece of transport is the buggy and the extra bit is the buggy board, so why does it cost £48-97 to buy a board to stick on the back of a £35 buggy? :-(


derek said...

the internet is your friend..

Phyl said...

cool ta! somehow it feels ok to buy as long as it is cheaper than the buggy!