Monday, September 24, 2007


removal chaos
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I am absolutely exhausted after probably the most strenuous weekend since - well since we finished diying here in the flat. Moving house when you have no professional removal squad is so much harder than you imaging. Finding some semblance of order when your ex has randomly packed shoes with books, toys, and kitchen items and often shoes and bits of toys or jigsaw puzzles separately in different boxes in mind-boggling. Then you try to spend one overnight in the new place you aren't yet living in, only to find a futon is torture when you are nearly 7 months pregnant - (I need 2 hip replacements now) and your other baby wakens you up at 3am staring at a dining room (the only place we could put our bed and his) he doesn't recognize, quietly sobbing: Hug! Hug!
Tomorrow I have to get up at 6am, do the school run, the nursery run, go to work, be home in lightning speed for a flat viewer, who will probably not show up anyway, do the school run and then DIY and unpack till coming back here for dinner as the new kitchen is cookerless! I can hardly wait...put me down now! :-(

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