Thursday, September 13, 2007


4D scan
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Finally we reached the 26 weeks milestone, after which they are happy to 4D scan you. What a difference from the once exciting, now boring 2D scans that were the only option when I had Léon, Lots and Marcel. For half an hour we got to watch Bart suck his fingers, wave, yawn, stretch etc. We got to see him stretch his toes and fingers and finally we got to see his bits only to find out he didn't have any so maybe Lisa would be a more appropriate name henceforth for our Bart! Not sure the kids are too pleased yet - I think they are slightly worried the house may potentially end up full of Barbies and fairy costumes rather than the acceptable trucks and power ranger toys they expect Pudge will soon want. By 10pm, however, they were already coming round to the Lisa idea.
I have to say she looks very peaceful and pretty in there at the moment - hopefully she'll not have a Tasmanian devil streak in her when she hits 2! Mind you - if I coped with Charlotte, I can cope with anything!

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