Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Over the years, whenever I have been trying to be health conscious, I have tried to swap my chocolate cluster cereal or maple and pecan delights for boring old sultana bran. It's ok, in a chewy cardboard kind of way and makes you feel vaguely self-righteous. Then, about two years ago, ASDA introduced Raisin Bran as well. Raisin bran was a whole other story - it contained beautiful, huge, almost grape-sized succulent raisins. I no longer had to force myself to dump the choco-cereals, it was just delicious. So why the hell have they discontinued raisin bran in favour of boring old sultana bran. Where do I write to complain? Who should I sue when I am forced to put on 3 or 4 kg just because I've reverted to the chocolate clusters???? I am not a happy bunny :-(

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