Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I am beginning to wonder if I should write a baby names book, or site. There seem to be several types on the market, but they aren't right. You get the tiny gem sized books that cross-refer everything to everything else - you are told there's no difference between half a dozen names Lisa see Liza see Elizabeth etc, so they just frustrate you. The big ones are so full of nonsense (Did you know Brixton, Clapton, Docklands, Fulham and Wembley are now all supposedly acceptable names for wee boys in the English speaking world?) that you fall asleep by half way through letter 'a' each time you attempt to name your kid. Are we going to end up with a nation of kids all with names beginning with letter 'a' or 'b', simply because their parents ran out of energy? If you go onto an Internet page, you get offered 7000 names - the first 15 all beginning with Aa, come on - give me a break! Consequently, we are getting nowhere. Maybe sites asking questions about likes and dislikes, offering lists of names people should like if they like another would help. Though according to one list I found - if I like Charlotte I should like: Arabella, Celia, Clementine, Colette, Norah and Sophia....erm nope, sorry! Maybe Bart would be nice for our wee girl...

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